Parkour has come a long way in it’s knowledge of training, form and proper technique. However, in most areas it’s obstacles and training equipment has unfortunately stayed stuck in the caveman days because that is all anyone has known. Well, Teach Build Play believes that equipment should evolve and grow as our knowledge does. We are still finding out what’s possible for the human body to do, so we need to come up with constantly bettering equipment to teach and train on. Designing something that is not only a perfect teaching tool but calls out to you to play and move on is our goal. That’s innovative designs, it makes you want to play on it just by looking, makes teaching easy and it should incompass what parkour is, not just some backyards pallets screwed together. In the same fashion that our lives as a whole needs to be innovated in a way that new creative things make our lives better parkour equipment also needs that to keep up in this constantly growing world.


We have all picked up things that we were interested in buying and just by it’s touch could tell it was cheaply made without quality or durability in mind. Teach Build Play’s machine precision cut parkour equipment is lighter than most because of its innovative designs and high quality material while still feeling durable enough to be able to park your car on it. As a whole we care more about quality and top level design than putting out lower level products just to make a quick buck. We believe the quality of your training will be better if you have quality equipment. When you go for a big jump you should be able to trust what you are landing on so that you can concentrate on drilling your training at top levels or for teachings sake be able to trust that your student will be safe.

Got a personal vision or idea?

Andy Taylor’s innovative designs are brought to life with each client’s personal vision in mind. Whether it be a brand new gym, an outdoor setup for your backyard or an event he will be sure to breathe it into reality.